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Neighborly Gifts Sales

Thank you for your interest in our gifting services. We are excited about this opportunity and appreciate you being early supporters.

Please look through our various services below to see what would be the best fit for your company. 

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Private Store

If you wanted to start your own private gift store (like Mayo has here), we would work with you to select a number of gifts you’d like to include and invite the manager(s) you’d like to provide access to send gifts through our system. They can either send them directly, or utilize our new ‘Let Them Choose’ gifting tool to send in bulk. This can be done one-time, or you can have it available year-round. 

There is a Service Fee of 7.5% added to each order, which covers people, technology and supplies.

Custom Gift Boxes

If you would like to create a custom gift box, we are happy to develop the perfect gift for your recipients based upon your overall requirements. This option could include various Think branded items, if you choose. 

Minimum gift order is $1,000.00.

Neighborly Retail Store

This holiday season, Neighborly Gifts is opening a pop-up retail store located in our space downtown Rochester. We will have a variety of pre-designed gift boxes, along with an opportunity to create your own with various local goods from our holiday vendors. Stay tuned for open date and store hours this holiday season. 

Coffee + Pastry

Lunch Vouchers

Dinner Vouchers

Private Store Access: