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Broth Bombs

Meet Broth Bombs

Broth Bomb’s mission started with the idea to excite people to cook more wholesome, easy, one-pot meals at home. Founder Andrew Laurent was a disabled stay-at-home dad when he had the idea. His necessity to learn new ways to cook is why every recipe is designed so you can use pre-chopped grocery items like frozen veggies, hash browns, and canned beans. He searched for ways to share his delicious one-pot recipes with friends and family. While sharing these recipes, he thought of including seasoning mixes to simplify the steps and the idea of Broth Bombs was born. Broth Bombs are a cooking catalyst, which better breaks down food in every stew, curry, and chili. The chemistry works similar to baking cookies with baking powder; it improves the taste and texture, especially with beans and greens.

Lakeland, FL

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