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Our Story

We believe the best gift is the one with the biggest impact.

Our Mission

We believe the simple gesture of a gift from a small business can make a sizable impact in the neighborhoods we call home.

Our Vision

We strive to simplify corporate gift giving while providing unique gift options that celebrate products made locally.

We started by

Being good neighbors

Founded in the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sarah Richardson and the team at Neighborly Creative felt the need to help fellow business friends as doors were forced to close. From a simple idea, to a website developed over a weekend, a small group of people successfully sold and safely distributed hundreds of gifts from local businesses – with all dollars staying local.

Then our gift sales grew

From hundreds to thousands

By doing the Neighborly thing, our operation quickly grew from selling thousands of gifts  thanks primarily to the support of Mayo Clinic. In early 2021, we transitioned from a seasonal-only ‘project’ to a year-round gift-giving business with vendors and restaurants across southeast Minnesota.

Today, we are

Extending our impact

In 2022, we changed our name to Neighborly Gifts and moved into a 5,000 sq. ft. building in downtown Rochester. Our small team now works with businesses in five states  shipping gifts across the country while helping strengthen the neighborhoods we represent. 


Meet the Neighborly Team

Sarah Richardson
Sean Baker
Audrey Hunt
Briana Beyerstedt
Our department participated in [the program] last year and it was a HUGE success. Just wanted to say thank you!
Kadie F., Mayo Clinic Supervisor
The Neighborly Gifts team made the whole process go so smoothly for us. They were responsive and flexible, making it easy for us.
Chris Schad, The Bee Shed
Thank you for sending this and for your support of our small business. In times when things were slower, the voucher cards helped carry us and pay our staff!
Ali Johnson, Roasted Bliss
Love this idea. Please do this every year to help the local businesses out! Great way for Mayo to give back to our community.
Mary, Mayo Clinic Manager
We are thankful to be showcased in the Neighborly Gift program.  It has introduced new clients to our cafe and brewery that have become repeat customers.
Annie Henderson, Forager Brewery and Café

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