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Savor the final days of summer.

Throughout the month of August, Neighborly Gifts is encouraging Restaurant Voucher card-holders to redeem their gifts at one of the two dozen small businesses included in our program.

For every card redeemed now through Labor Day — Coffee & Pastry, Lunch or Dinner — Neighborly Gifts will donate $1 to The Village Agricultural Cooperative, a Rochester-based nonprofit that believes in promoting healthy communities through sustainable agriculture.

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Show support for your favorite business by redeeming your card at their location

With every redemption in August, $1 will be donated to The Village

The Village Agricultural Cooperative creates opportunities for our communities to produce culturally relevant food.  By creating space for public and market gardens in urban areas, the organization addresses the health needs of our people and planet while building food systems for future generations, and nourishing our elders too. The Village believes that sustainable agriculture creates healthy communities.

Neighborly Gifts simplifies corporate gift giving while keeping dollars circulating in your neighborhood. Through our Restaurant Voucher program, we offer the gift of choice by allowing you to redeem your cards at any participating local establishment — either for coffee and a pastry, lunch, or dinner, depending on the card. Now exclusively serving the Rochester, MN area.

Note: Restaurant Vouchers are currently only available to Neighborly Gifts’ clients through private stores. Coming later in 2023, the Vouchers will be available for sale to the general public.

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