Our Impact

Since our launch in March 2020, we have injected over $650,000 back into small businesses.

Our catalog now boasts 137 gifts and vouchers to choose from, ranging from unique artisanal goods to memory-making experiences. Every option comes from a small business, which means that every gift ordered expands the customer base of a small business.

In 2021, we sold over 25,000 gifts from 92 small businesses. We fulfilled 2,438 orders and shipped gifts to 45 U.S. States.

Neighborly Gifts was founded to celebrate, empower, and fuel our community of small businesses while helping thoughtful gift-givers. We like to think of it as a cycle of success, designed to benefit individual and business gift-givers, small businesses, and gift recipients.

We are always seeking new vendors to add to our neighborhood.

Over the years, Neighborly Gifts has come to cherish our growing community of artists, makers, and restaurants. Connecting their products and services to new audiences never gets old.

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